Monday, April 28, 2014

Pumpkin & Binky: The introduction

Introducing Pumpkin & Binky.  They are my cats and the stars of "Pumpkin & Binky" my latest comic strips.  
Pumpkin is 4 years old, is fat and lazy, but she takes care of us by telling (meowing) when to go to bed and when to wake up.  She loves to get into the pantry to steal marshmallows but the craziest thing about her is: she has a short tail in the comics, but the reality is it is also forked.

Binky is a kitten that we adopted from a thrift store.  She lost her mom at a very young age.  She saved her brother and herself by meowing herself hoarse.  She doesn't meow much anymore, but she makes up for it with her crazy behavior.  She enjoys sprinting around the house, pouncing on us at 4:00am and stealing food off of our dinner plates.  She is also quite obsessive about teasing Pumpkin, which you will see a lot of in the comics.  Some of this teasing includes chasing her, trying to stay on top of her back for as long as possible like a mechanical bull, and bopping her on the head with her fluffy paws.  She has a big, fluffy, feathery tail that is bigger than she is.  

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